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2016 Reunion After Action Report

The 2016 reunion was held in Savannah, Georgia, 5 through 9 May 2016. We stayed at the same location we stayed in 4 years ago, the Comfort Inn & Suites, a very nice hotel which afforded us all full suite rooms, thanks to it's manager Barbara Awad.

Attending this years reunion were Rob and Linda Robinson (This years hosts) Willie and Mickey Anas, Wayne and Ana Heder, and Bud, Linda was absent due to her staying with her friend Mary because her husband Russ had his bladder removed at Moffett Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida

As for those that could not make this years reunion, you missed out on some fine comradery, but we all understand your reasons for being unable to attend. Those of us that did attend, miss you all very much already and look forward to next years reunion which hopefully we can all attend.

We, the attending members of this years reunion would like to congratulate Rob and Linda for their more than great hospitality in hosting this years reunion, you both did an outstanding job, we love you both immensely, and look forward to seeing you at next years reunion. May God bless you both.

In closing, it appears that next years reunion is up for a volunteer to act as host. Once someone steps up the place and time to be announced at a later date. We all support anybodys effort and look forward to yet another great reunion.

Thanks for your patience and understanding of this brief synopsis.

Warm regards and love,

Bud & Linda

Click here to see pictures taken at our 2016 reunion in Savannah, GA

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