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Listed below are past members of the 549th MP Co that have contacted us over the years.

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 Name:   Year(s) Assigned:   Home State:   Status:   E-Mail Address: 
 Billy Taylor   1949 - 51   Illinois   Retired
 Jakie E. Barnes   1958 - 61   Burleson, Texas   Tour Bus Driver
 Gene Shafer   1959 - 62   California   Retired
 Tim Minsker   1962 - 65   Pennsylvania   Not Given
 Harris Gardner   1967 - 68   Virginia   Not Given
 Larry Foster   1968 - 70   Texas   Retired
 Larry S Reinlasoder   1970 - 76   Montana   Retired
 George Harrison   1971 - 73   North Carolina   Not Given
 Rusty Perkins   1971 - 73   Pennsylvania   Not Given
 Gary Wilson   1972 - 74   New York   Not Given
 Albert Mendoza   1973 - 76   Texas   Not Given
 Bill Haugen   1976 - 77   Missouri   Not Given
 Randy Woolum   1978 - 81   Ohio   Not Given
 Jim Florance   1979 - 81   Ohio   Not Given
 Joseph A Seaman   1980 - 82   New York   DOD Fort Riley Kansas
 Douglas Wright   1981 - 83   Kansas   Retired
 Rick McQueen   1983 - 85   Michigan   Not Given
 Michael Robertson   1987 - 90   Washington   Retired
 Kelly McCrate   1990 - 93   Michigan   Not Given
 Jim Heitmeyer   1988 - 91   Oklahoma   Not Given
 Daniel R Shatley   1994 - 95   Maryland   Not Given
 Hans Fritz Hunt   1995 - 96   New York   Active Duty MP Major
 J.C. Durham   1996 - 98   Texas   Not Given
 Rickie Gheen   1997 - 00   Texas   Not Given
 Wesley Bradshaw   2002 - 03   Oklahoma   Active Duty
 Thomas E Englebert   1981 - 83   Florida   SFC with the MD National Guard
 Richard Hooper   1986 - 89   Massachusetts   Massachusetts Environmental Police
 Brian Harrison   1987 - 90   Florida   Lieutenant - Charlotte Co Sheriff's Ofc
 Ron Dillingham   1959 - 61   Michigan   Retired
 David Michael Ramsey   1965 - 66   Massachusetts   Retired Auto Body Instructor
 Cathy (Brown) Knott   1977   Michigan   State of Michigan
 Bobby Stewart   1982 - 84   Florida   St. Johns Co. Sheriff's Ofc
 Glen Knotts   1962 - 63   Indiana   Retired
 Thomas V. Zawislinski   1970 - 72   Connecticut   Information Technology Specialist/Developer
 John Gutka   1959 - 61   Illinois   Retired
 Anthony Bianchi   1974 - 75   New York   Architect
 James Saunders   1992 - ?   Columbia, SC   Retired
 Barbara Holman Rodriguez   Mar 1978 - Jul 1979   Rutherfordton, NC   Disabled Vet
 Kevin Boucher   2000 - 2002   Raleigh, NC   Loss Prevention Officer/Corrections Officer
 George Murphy   1959 - 1961   From: Illinois. Lives in: Mountain Home, Arkansas   Retired

To be listed in the above roster, simply email Bud. List times, dates and years you were assigned to the
549th MP Co (SVC), also the state you live in at present, and your status.


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Contact E-Mail Addresses, for current members of the 549th MP Co (Svc) Reunion Group:
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William "Willie" Anas

Ronald Brousseau

James "Jim" Carroll

Leslie (Bud) Fleming

Roger "Bear" Francis

LaRue "Roundy" Hess

Joseph "Joe" Holt

John J King

Leonard Kring

James (Jim) McDermott

Horace (Rob) R. Robinson

Paul L Rollins Sr

Earl "Bud" Shott

George W Smith


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