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Jim and Helen Carroll
Jim and Helen's (Penny) wedding picture


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Jim and Helen Carroll
Jim and Helen - February 2002

NAME:  James W. Carroll
RESIDENCE:  Kentucky
E-MAIL:   kymoonshiner1@msn.com
Occupation:  Retired
AKA (Pref):  Jim
Date of Birth:  20 Feb
Marital Status:  Married
Wife's Name:  Helen (Penny)
Wife's DOB:  7 May
Children's Name(s):  David / Richard
G-Children's Name(s):  Chris / Jenifer / Jason

Biography:  I was born back in the hills of Edmonson County KY, which joins Hart County on the west side, my dad was a farmer share cropper, When I was very young we moved to Hart County near Cub Run, KY, and finally on to Munfordsville, Ky. We moved from farm to farm around Munfordville, KY. I attended one grade school to the next. In my late teens I became sick and was under a doctor care and bed fast for quite a spell, When I finally got back on my feet again I decided to join the army, I was just 20 years I jumped a bus to Louisville, KY., and joined up. Of course I told a few untrue stories to do so, but I found myself at Fort Knox doing basic. In June 1948 I was on a 13 day delay to New Orleans, LA., and on the 5th of July 1948 I was surprised to see the place, The fancy bands and MP's, I couldn't believe my eyes. This was Colon, Panama then on to the 45th Cav in Fort Clayton, CZ. After two years I was picked to guard General Porter at Fort Amador and billeted with the MP's at Quarry Heights this was the 516th MP Svc Platoon, I must have impressed the CO, because when my 30 day TDY was up the CO called me in and ask me if I would like to join the group. I said YES SIR! Within a couple weeks I had orders assigning to the 516th MP's I was a Corporal and was assigned every low ranking gate guard duty to the entrance of the tunnel under Ancon Hill and later on to patrol at Quarry Heights and Fort Amador. Then came the great day the CO said I was assigned Patrol Supervisor and Platoon Sgt. That was great, because I had charge of all the MP's on both posts, at that time the 549th MP's were at Fort Clayton and aside from Fort Clayton they were the patrols that patroled the Canal Zone and all outside roads in the area. In march 1951 I met my beautiful future wife, her name was PFC Helen M. Panagopolous, she was working in the AG Records Office in Fort Amador, I did not know at the time that she was the first female to transit the Panama Canal on a Navy submarine named the Entemedor, her home town was Cambridge, Mass. In September of that year we were married. In August 1952 our first son David was born in the Fort Clayton hospital, my wife left the service before our he was born. In 1953 we took a 60 day leave to the States, and brought our 1952 Chevy Sport Coupe on a boat to New York City with us and drove to Boston Mass., and from there, on to Kentucky. A year later in July 1954 we were in Fort Dix, NJ., assigned to the 716th MP Bn, On 22 March 1957 I received a Honorable Discharge. During the time at Ft Dix, I was TDY twice to Camp Drum, NY., and Oswego, NY., and later TDY to Camp Kilmer, NJ. After I left the Army, I went in the Armord at Fort Knox, KY. That's another story. PS; My second Son Richard Was Born In the Chelsey Navy hospital in Boston in 1955.

Favorite Quote:  Horse Mac-Nure


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