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John and Mitchi
John and Mitchi King

NAME:  John J King
E-MAIL:  jking05401@comcast.net
Occupation:  Parking Manager, City of Burlington, VT
AKA (Pref):  None
Date of Birth:  3 May
WifeMarital Status:  Married
Wife's Name:  Mitchi L King
Wife's DOB:  12 Jul
Children's Name(s):  Angie / Stacy
G-Children's Name(s):  Kiley / Jordan

Biography:  Born in Burlington and raised in Waterbury, approximately 45 miles away. Graduated from high school Friday night and left for Army Monday morning. Completed basic training and came home for short leave, returning to Fort Dix with orders to go to Germany, when Cuban crisis broke out. Left Dix in the middle of the night and found myself shortly after in the 549th MP Company, Fort Gulick, as a clerk typist. Moved from Gulick to Fort Davis and remained in the 549th until June 65 when I returned to Vermont. July of 65 started with the Burlington Police Department as a patrol officer. During summer of 66 was assigned a traffic accident here in Burlington where I met my wife (driving with no drivers license). Gave her a choice - ticket or me). Married in November 66 and still together. Moved through the police department from patrol officer to Commander and retired with 26 years of service in June 91. The city retirement system allows you to draw two retirements. Now get full police retirement and will get second when I retire from the non police position. Being only 56 I hope to be around until age 62-65. With two retirements and social security should have nothing to do but spend money. I started to collect football cards a few years ago, although I have lost some interest in it. Now have a model train I am working on.

Favorite Quote:  Don't get even, get ahead!


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