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The Francis'
Roger and Janie. Roger turned 60.

NAME:  Roger H Francis
RESIDENCE:  Maryland
E-MAIL:   roger00769@yahoo.com
Occupation:  Retired
AKA (Pref):  Bear
Date of Birth:  29 September
Marital Status:  Married
Wife's Name:  Janie
Wife's DOB:  31 May
Children's Name(s):  David / Randall / Eric
G-Children's Name(s):  David II / Donald / Johnathan / Leann

Biography:  Born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York, and although a city boy by nature, Roger soon learned the ways of outdoor life from his uncles. His decision to enter army life found him attending MP school after basic training, and remaining a Military Policeman throughout his military career. Roger retired in June, 1984. During his last military assignment, he performed duty as Game Warden at the Fort Meade, Maryland. Immediately upon retirement Roger was assigned to that same duty as a civilian, and remained in that capacity until being selected to his current position. Roger is an avid hunter, and loves bow hunting. During one of his hunting trips, he came upon a soldier that had fallen from a tree and broke his back, the soldier, a Staff Sergeant, might have possibly died as a result of his injury, being alone in the woods in cold weather. Because Roger happened by, found him, then administering first aid, and afterwards notifyed proper medical authorities, the soldiers life was spared. Roger received a "Civilian Award For Humanitarian Service", from the Deptartment of the Army for his quick thinking and possibly saving the soldiers life. Roger is a veteran of the Vietnam War, where he received a Purple Heart for wounds received. Roger loves the outdoor life which is evident by his rugged looks. A true mountain man would find a friend in Roger. ADDED: I retired a 2nd time Aug 31, 2007 as the Fort Meade, MD Game Warden and Enviromental Technician with 23 years in that position, for a total of 45 years Government service.

Favorite Quote:  Whose your Daddy


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